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Selective and Protective Weeding. Perfect for spot weeding, the Wonderweeder has many advantages over a traditional sprayer
    The Wonderweeder is the perfect solution to the problem of unwanted and invasive plants. The upright, lightweight design features a ‘push and go’ function that allows gardeners to kill frustrating weeds accurately, without getting spray onto precious plants, and offers the durability and high quality that gardeners have come to expect from Hozelock
  • Lightweight
  • Refillable
  • Adjustable nozzle & dosing cap
  • Safety lock
  • Made in France
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    Based on the dosage position being in the ‘max’ position, the average dosage of liquid from one squirt from the WW nozzle is 0.5ml, so based on a full 300ml tube, the total number of squirts is approximately 600

    Care Instructions

    To clean, fill the reservoir tube with warm water (not hot), re-assemble and spray some of the contents. Repeat and check that the nozzle is free from sediment. If necessary repeat the process until the sprayer is clean.

    General Precautions

    The Wonderweeder is intended for use with water-based solutions.
    Always follow the chemical suppliers instructions and dosing ratio guidelines, as well as the instructions supplied with the sprayer
    Do not exceed the maximum fill level

    How to use

    1. Unscrew dosing cap in handle
    2. Pour chosen weedkiller into the reservoir tube. (Always follow the chemical suppliers instructions and dosing ration guidelines)
    3. Replace the dosing cap
    4. Place cone over weed
    5. Push handle down to spray (note that on first use there may be a number of 'press down 'operations required before it starts spraying)
    6. Adjust the dose if necessary by twisting the lock mechanism
    7. It is advisable to empty the product and discard safely an unused solution after each use


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