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Titanic Organic is the highest quality of blood & bone, fishmeal, seaweed extract, sulphate of potash and composted chicken manure available.
    This nutrient rich blend is compacted into pellets that contains a balanced range of nutrients, which are gradually released after watering. The slow release of organic nutrients make nutrients available through the growing season and trigger beneficial soil micro-organisms to come alive. Titanic Organic will raise the soil’s level of nutrients to enhance root development, foliage growth, flower colour and fruit yields.
  • A premium blended organic pelletised fertiliser
  • Balanced amount of essential trace elements for healthy plant growth
  • Great for the home gardener - convenient and safe to use
  • Titanic Organic will not burn like other fertilisers
  • Considerably less odour than other fertilisers
  • How to use

    General application rate is between 100-200g per square metre (1 handful = 50 grams)

    Sizes/Options Available

    16kg & 30kg Bags

    General Retail Stockists

    Find your local stockist @ http://www.rpmulching.com.au/find-a-stockist