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Coco Pro is the first Super Premium Potting Mix available to the market, and is designed to replace the need for multiple specialty potting mix bags
    Coco Pro is made up of a large percentage of Coconut Fibre and Coconut Chip; a renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly resource, to enhance rewettability, air-filled porosity, maximise water holding capacity and stimulate root growth. Coco Pro is the most advanced and highest quality potting mix, with exceptional growing results in the widest variety of plant types and applications.
  • Suitable for all potted fruit trees, vegetable, herbs, Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias, African Violets, Magnolias, Roses, Bromeliads, Cymbidiums and more
  • Will continue to feed plants for up to 12 months
  • Contains Coconut Fibre and Coconut Chip; a renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly product
  • Suitable for small pots all the way through to large Terracotta and Tub pots
  • Certified Product for Premium Potting Mix (AS 3743)
  • How to use

    Most plants need re-potting at least once and sometimes twice a year. Before re-potting give your plant a thorough wetting down and choose a bigger pot, at least one third bigger than the initial pot.

    Place a small amount of Coco Pro in the base of the pot. Position the plant in the centre of the pot; fill around the edges to within 20mm of the top of the pot with Coco Pro. Press down gently. Water in well straight away, then fairly regularly over the next few weeks depending on plant positioning and time of year.

    Sizes/Options Available

    Available in 30L bags

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