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Richgro Blood and Bone Based Premium Fertiliser PLUS

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RICHGRO Blood & Bone Based Premium Garden Fertiliser contains the best of organic plant boosters: Organic Blood and Bone, Organic Phosphorus and Natural Potash for extra strength and colour of plants, particularly fruits and vegetables.
    GARDEN FERTILISER is perfect for all fruits, flowers and vegetables.
  • With organic Blood and Bone
  • With Organic Phosphorus - from Blood & Bone
  • With fast action organic Nitrogen from Blood Meal
  • Promotes growth in all gardens and vegetable gardens
  • How to use

    PREPLANTING: 150g per m2 worked into the top 10cm of soil 7-10 days before planting.


    ANNUAL FLOWERS: 150g per m2 into 10cm of before planting. BULBS: 50g per m2. Lightly incorporate into the top soil around the shoots after emergence.

    ESTABLISHED PLANTS,PERENNIAL FLOWERS & SHRUBS: 150g per m2. Lightly incorporate into the soil evenly around the plant before the first buds appear.

    ROSES: 100g per mature bush. Lightly incorporate into the soil around the bush when the buds are forming.

    TREES & SHRUBS: 150g per m2. Spread evenly around the plant in early Spring and Autumn. Avoid disturbing
    any surface roots.

    VEGETABLES: For best results plants should be evenly fed during growing season, 150g per m2 during early Spring, mid-Summer and Autumn or as
    required to maintain healthy growth. Spread evenly and avoid spreading closer than 10cm to the base of plants

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    General Precautions

    Note: should not be used on Australian Native Plants.