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Alternanthera dentata 'LRU30' PBR

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Little Ruby™ Alternanthera is a compact ground cover
    Little Ruby™ Alternanthera is the perfect mounding ground cover with a compact, spreading habit and deep burgundy foliage, making it a real stand out plant in the garden. It is approximately a third the height of the common form.

    This Alternanthera loves humidity, but can also tolerate frost better than most forms. In very cold climates, it will still need to be in a sheltered position.

    Little Ruby™ Alternanthera provides a display of white flowers in spring.
  • Compact, spreading habit
  • Deep burgundy foliage
  • More frost tolerant than the common form
  • Plant Attributes

    • Height Range: 0.3 to 0.5m
    • Spread: 0.5 to 1m
    • Position: Full Sun, Semi Shade
    • Growth Habit: Groundcover/Prostrate
    • Plant Use(s): Containers, Borders
    • Suitable Climate Zone(s):
      • Tropical
      • Subtropical
      • Arid
      • Temperate
    • Flowering Time(s): Spring
    • Flower Colour: White
    • Plant Type: Groundcovers

    How to use

    Ground cover, border plant, and for containers.

    General Precautions

    Where it works: Light to moderate frost regions for all states (incl. NT) and all frost free areas.

    Care Instructions

    Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). If required use slow release fertiliser in spring.

    Provide with adequate water as required. Keep moist in dry weather and protect from heavy frost.

    How it works

    Light to moderate frost regions for all states (incl. NT) and all frost free areas.

    Full sun to part shade. Little Ruby™ Alternanthera loves humidity, is heat tolerant and can handle light frost better than other forms.

    It will need to be planted in a sheltered position to protect it from heavy frost. In frost-free areas Little Ruby™ Alternanthera can be planted in full sun to part shade. It requires well drained moist soils.