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All-in-one pot with Lemon Balm seeds, soil and exciting recipe ideas for kids!
    Lemon Balm is a tasty herb that looks like mint but tastes like lemons! Add fresh leaves to green or fruit salads, sprinkle them on ice cream or pop them in ice cube trays for a cool lemon twist to your drink.

    These coffee cup sized all-in-one kits contain a pot, a lid that turns the pot into a mini greenhouse, Jiffy® soil pellet and seeds – plus great little recipe ideas for kids to enjoy the rewards of their garden creation.
  • Easy all-in-one kit
  • Great fun gift for kids
  • Good for growing in small spaces
  • Plant Attributes

    • Position: Partial Sun, Indoor
    • Plant Use(s): Containers
    • Flowering Time(s): Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn

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    How to use

    1.Take the lid off the pot and pull out the seed packet. Pour one cup of warm water over the Jiffy® soil pallet. In a few minutes the pallet will turn into soil. Mix it well and press down very gently.

    2.Poke a couple of small holes in the bottom of the pot, so any extra water can run out. Be careful not to spill the soil! Put a Saucer under the pot to catch any water.

    3.Press half a fingernail deep holes into soil. Put one seed in each hole and cover with soil. Take the card off the plastic lid, and put the lid on top of the pot. Place the pot somewhere warm and sunny and check daily if the plant needs watering.

    4.Remove the lid when little seedlings come up, this will take a week or two. After 2-3 more weeks, select the 2 biggest seedlings to stay in the pot and plant the others in the garden.

    5.Feed your plant with liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks, so that they grow strong and healthy.

    6.Watch the plants grow and start picking leaves when the plants are around 15cm high.

    General Precautions

    Not suitable for children under 3 years of age, contains small parts. Adult supervision required.

    Sizes/Options Available

    Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 14cm

    General Retail Stockists

    Bunnings Warehouse and Independent Garden Retailers