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Ecosmart Buffalo Lawn Food

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A balanced formulation of essential nutrients specifically formulated for warm season grasses such as buffalo, kikuyu, and couch. The high nitrogen levels make this product especially suitable for use on buffalo lawns of all types.
It contains NutriPlus, a unique bio-active compound fertiliser which is high in carbon and humic acids. This component enhances nutrient uptake, increases soil organic matter and improves overall soil health.
  • Enriched with lignite carbon and humic acid
  • Encourages strong green leaf growth and root growth
  • Added Iron for stronger, richer deeper colour
  • Low Phosphorus and added wetting agent
  • Small even granular fertiliser easily applied
  • How to use

    Lawn Establishment:
    Rake into top soil at the rate of 25 grams per square metre. Water in well prior to seeding or laying turf.
    Lawn Maintenance:
    Apply to a dry lawn at the rate of 25 grams per square metre in spring and autumn.
    Broadcast evenly and water in well.
    To give the lawn a boost in summer use at the lower rate of 10 grams per square metre. Always water in well, immediately after application.
    Measurement Guide:
    1 cupful = approximately 250 grams
    1 handful = approximately 50 grams


    • 2.5kg feeds up to 100sqm
    • 5kg feeds up to 200sqm
    • 10kg feeds up to 400sqm

    Sizes/Options Available

    2.5Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg Bags

    General Retail Stockists

    Available at Masters Hardware, Flower Power and all good nurseries.