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eco-neem is a certified organic insecticide for the control of chewing and sucking insects.
    Current Australian registration lists 9 pests which eco-neem will control (these appear on the label). Overseas registrations however lists over 200 pest insects.
  • Kills a broad range of pests including caterpillars, curl grubs, grasshoppers, aphids, mites, lawn armyworm, whitefly and fungus gnats
  • Effective at low rates
  • Safe for beneficial insects like bees and ladybeetles
  • Certified Organic (Australian Organic)
  • Made from 100% plant oils and extracts
  • Sizes/Options Available

    100ml and 250ml Concentrates

    General Retail Stockists

    Bunnings, Masters, nurseries, independent hardware stores and online at www.ecoorganicgarden.com.au

    Certified/Registered Organic?

    Yes (Australian Organic)

    Withholding period

    Registered in Australia for use on ornamental plants only.

    Overseas (eg America, Europe, UK, Japan, New Zealand etc...) it is approved for use on edible plants with no withholding period.

    How to use

    Pests on Leaves and Branches - Spray affected plants thoroughly coating both sides of leaves, stems and branches.

    Pests in the soil - Drench solution thoroughly through the soil at the rate indicated on the label.

    Repeat spray/drench as required or as directed on the label.

    How it works

    Pests ingest eco-neem when feeding on sprayed plant tissue and the botanical extract causes death in two ways:

    1. It suppresses appetite and insects starve to death.

    2. It interferes with their growth cycle, restricting their ability to moult, again leading to death.

    eco-neem must be ingested to work making it safe for beneficial insects which aren't eating your plants. It also has no effect on beneficial insects/birds/lizards which may feed on insects that have ingested eco-neem.

    General Precautions

    Keep out of reach of children and read safety directions on label.

    Do not spray around fish ponds.

    Active Ingredient

    Azadirachtin A and B