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Aloe Sparkler™

Aloe Hybrid ‘LEO 6140'

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Each plant bears multiple unique candle like flowers, rather reminiscent of a chincherinche ( ornithogalum). It has such a short flower stem that it appears to sit right on the peduncle, giving the raceme a very candle-like appearance.
    The greenish flower buds gradually turn white as the open, revealing bright yellow filaments with bright orange anthers that seem to jump from the flowers like sparks.

    PBR intended
  • Prolific and long lasting white flowers
  • Able to cope with excessive rain and drought
  • Able to cope with cold (medium frost) and high temperatures
  • Tough low maintenance plant
  • Able to outcompete weeds
  • Plant Attributes

    • Height Range: Approximately 30cm (excluding flowers)
    • Spread: Approximately 25cm
    • Position: Full Sun, Partial Sun
    • Growth Habit: Groundcover/Prostrate, Clumping
    • Plant Use(s): Containers, Borders, Mass Planting
    • Suitable Climate Zone(s):
      • Flowering Time(s): Winter, Autumn
      • Flower Colour: White

      Care Instructions

      Minimal water required but able to cope with significant rain once established. Require less water in winter. If desired, water during dry periods to promote foliage growth.
      Grows best in rich, fertile and well drained soil. It is essential that the soil is free draining and not waterlogged.

      Fertilise in spring for optimum growth (organic fertiliser preferred but not essential).



      General Precautions

      This plant is for ornamental use in gardens and is not for human consumption

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